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Mission, Vision, Core Values

Taft ISD

Taft I.S.D. in partnership with our staff, families and communities will empower students to
become life-long learners and contributing citizens of tomorrow.

Taft ISD is driven by an unyielding commitment to provide a loving environment for every
student and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential.

We believe in the Power of Education.
We believe in the Potential of each Student.
We believe in Student-Centered Leadership.
We believe in success through collaboration.
We value our educational community.
Our Success will be driven by TAFT PRIDE!

Core Values
-Respect Having a sense of self-worth and being mindful of others.

-Integrity Doing what is right even when no one is looking.

-Responsibility Taking ownership of one’s actions and attitudes by being reliable
dependable, and accountable.

-Collaboration Working together to support and encourage success.

-Positivity Practice of being positive or optimistic in attitude.

-Life-long Learning Ongoing and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal and
professional growth.

-Embrace Diversity Encourage understanding and accept differences